Repertoire Archive Continued
2008-09   Vanderbilt Wind Symphony & Concert Winds
Bernstein                 Divertimento
Chance                    Elegy
Chen                        A Lovely Rose
Danielpour               Voice of the City
Grainger                  Lincolnshire Posy
Jose Gustavo          HQ para Camargo Guarnieri
Hanson                    Chorale and Alleluia
Holst                        First Suite in E-flat
Mackey                    Kingfishers Catch Fire
Nelson                     Sonoran Desert Holiday
Persichetti               Symphony for Band
Rimsky-Korsakov    Variations on a Theme of Glinka
Schuman                 Chester
Schwantner             Recoil
Shostakovich           Folk Dances
Wagner                    Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral
Yau                          Flower Drum Dance of Feng-Yang

Music from Broadway...                                  
Barker arr.                Girl Crazy
Bennett arr.              Show Boat
Bennett arr.               My Fair Lady
Edmondson arr.        Oklahoma    
Lang arr.                   South Pacific                   
Moss arr.                   Kiss Me Kate  

2009-10 Vanderbilt Wind Symphony, Wind Ensemble, &
Concert Winds
Bassett                      Colors and Contours
Boyson                      Simple Song
Bozza                         Children's Overture
Brock                         One Week (silent film score)
Corigliano                  Gazebo Dances
Dello Joio                   Scenes from The Louvre
Grainger                    Molly on the Shore
Hanson                      Albanian Dance
Hindemith                  Symphony in Bb
Holst                          Suite in F
Husa                          Cheetah
Jacob                         Old Wine in New Bottles
Kurek                         MacBeth Fantasy
Long                          The Future of Fire
Mendelssohn             Nocturno
Milhaud                      Suite Francaise
Pann                         The Wrangler
Persichetti                  Divertimento
Ploger                         Sanctus
Schwantner/Boysen    Percussion Concerto
Stravinsky                   Symphonies of Wind Instruments
Vaughan Williams        Flourish for Wind Band
Vaughan Williams        Sea Songs
Weinberg                    Poem
Whitacre                     October
Zappa                         The Beltway Bandits

2010-11 Vanderbilt Wind Symphony, Wind Ensemble, &
Concert Winds
Bohme                      Sextet for Brass
Bryant                       Chester Leaps In
Chen Yi                     Dragon Rhyme
     Fanfare "To Music"
Erb                            Space Music
Gounod                     Petite Symphonie
Grainger                    Blythe Bells
Grainger                    Scotch Strathspey & Reel
Holst                          Fugue alla Gigue
Holst                          Hammersmith, Prelude and Scherzo
Holst                          Jupiter from
The Planets
Husa                         Music for Prague 1968
Ives                           Old Home Days
    Comedian's Galop
Lowry                        Celebration Overture
Maslanka                   Heart Songs
Model, Ben                Charlie Chaplin's "The Adventurer"
Nelson, Oliver            Fugue & Bossa
Persichetti                 Chorale Prelude: So Pure the Star
Primiani                     Sirens
Schmitt                      Dionysiaques
Schuman                  Chester
Sousa                       Songs of Grace and Songs of Glory
Stamp                       Cheers!
Surinach                   Ritmo Jondo
Ticheli                       Simple Gifts
Wagner                     Huldigungsmarsch
Williams/Burden        Star Wars Medley

2011-12 Vanderbilt Wind Symphony, Wind Ensemble, &
Chamber Players
Bass                          Gloria
Berlioz                       Grande symphonie funèbre et triomphale
Broughton/Morsch    Silverado
Bryant                       A Million Suns At Midnight
Copland                    The Promise of Living
Copland                    Variations on a Shaker Melody
Dawson                     By Dawn's Early Light                  
Duffy                         Crystals
Dvorak                      Serenade for Winds, Op. 44
Erb                            The Purple Roofed Ethical Suicide Parlor
Gillingham                 Sub-Saharan Rhythm
Grainger                   Colonial Song
Higdon                      Road Stories   
Hindemith                  Konzermusik, Op. 49
Ives                           Country Band March
Jacob                        Old Wine in New Bottles
Jenkins                     American Overture for Band        
      A Toast to Ben
Marshall                    Okaoka
Ploger                       Sanctus
Reed, H.O.                La Fiesta Mexicana
Rodrigo                     Adagio para Orquestra de Instrumentos de Viento     
Ticheli                       Blue Shades
Ticheli                       San Antonio Dances  
Toch                         Spiel fur Blasorchester
Turina                       La Procession du Rocio
Schoenberg              Theme and Variations
Schuman                  George Washington Bridge
Sousa                       Fairest of the Fair
Sousa                       Willow Blossoms  
Varese                      Octandre                                                   
Vaughan Williams     English Folk Song Suite

2012-13 Vanderbilt Wind Symphony, Wind Ensemble, &
Chamber Players
Bennett                     Suite of Old American Dances
Bryant                       Wings That Work        
Copland                    Lincoln Portrait
Daugherty                Asclepius      
Donizetti                   “O Luce di Quest’anima” from Linda di Chamounix         
Gabrieli                    Sonata Pian’e Forte        
Grainger                   Lincolnshire Posy    
Holst                         First Suite in E-flat             
Mackey                     Asphalt Cocktail      
Maslanka                  Tears  
Mendelssohn            Overture for Winds, Op. 24
Meyerbeer                “Ombre légère” from Dinorah
Mozart                      Serenade No. 10 in B-flat Major, “Gran Partita”
Pann                        Hold This Boy and Listen         
Persichetti                Symphony No. 6, Op. 69
Respighi                   Huntingtower Ballad
Rossini                     Introduction, Theme & Variations         
Saint-Saëns             Marche Héroïque, Op. 34
Ticheli                      Wild Nights  
Tull                           Liturgical Symphony
Van der Roost          Suite Provencale
Weber                      Clarinet Concertino in E flat major, Op. 26        
Williams                    The Sinfonians

2013-14 Vanderbilt Wind Symphony, Wind Ensemble, &
Chamber Players
Bach                         Come Sweet Death
Bernstein                  Slava!
Bozza                        Ballade pour Trombone
Chance                     Variations on a Korean Folk Song
Curnow                     Symphonic Variants for Euphonium and Band
Fauré, arr. Moss       Chant Funéraire
Grainger                   Children’s March “Over the Hills and Far Away”
Grainger                   Green Bushes
Grantham                  J’ai été au bal, “I went to the dance”        
Lancen                      Rapsodie Symphonique
Lindroth                    Spin Cycle
Maslanka                  Child’s Garden of Dreams
Schmitt                      Dionysiaques Op. 62, No. 1                                                         
Serrano Alarcón       Concertango
Ticheli                       Angels in the Architecture
Tull                           Reflections on Paris
Turina                       Five Miniatures
White                        Concertino for Solo Timpani, and Winds
Yuen-Hing Yau, arr.  Evening Song of the Fishing Boat

2014-15 Vanderbilt Wind Symphony
Avalos-Boch              Roads to Home
Chen                         Come, Drink One More Cup
Daugherty                 Bells for Stokowski
Fleck:                        The Imposter, Banjo Concerto
Guzmán Muñoz         Golpe de Chipola
Guzmán Muñoz         Pajarillo Cuñao  
Grainger                   Blithe Bells
Harbison                   Three City Blocks
Holst                          Fugue a la Gigue
Ives                           Old Home Days
Jacob                        Original Suite
Kurek                        Monument
Mackey                     Strange Humors
Schuman                  Chester
Ticheli                      An American Elegy
Ticheli                      Apolo Unleashed
Wagner                    Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral
Wilson                      Horn Concerto

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