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Verrier with Yo Yo Ma
in Nashville
Joseph Schwantner
Hsin Hsiao-hung,
Erhu soloist
Composer Michael
Daugherty and
clarinetist Helen
Military Band of the Peoples'
Liberation Army in Beijing, China
Percussion soloist Ronald Chin,
composer CHEN Qian, guest conductor
Joseph Cheung, with choreographer
Jen Jen Lin
All-China Competition of Symphonic Bands in
Thomas E. Verrier, Music Director
The Vanderbilt Wind Symphony  is the premiere
wind performing ensemble at Vanderbilt University and includes the
most outstanding
woodwind, brass,
harp, and percus-
sion students in
the School of Music.
Verrier has accepted invitations to conduct throughout the
Americas, Asia, and Europe. He has presented and/or conducted
performances at conferences of the Congreso Iberoamericano de
Directores, Compositores, Arregladores e Instrumentistas de
Bandas Sinfónicas (Tenerife, Canary Islands), the Asian Pacific
Band Directors Association (Macau and Hong Kong), the Hong
Kong International Band Fair, and the Midwest Band and Orchestra
Clinic (Chicago). In addition, his ensembles have been selected to
perform for the International Society for Music Education (Tenerife,
Canary Islands), The National Association for Music Education
(NAfME) National In-Service Conference (Nashville), the North
American Saxophone Alliance (Los Angeles), southern and western
division conferences of the College Band Directors National
Association (CBDNA), as well as the CBDNA National Conference
(hosted by Verrier at the Blair School in March 2015).  He has been
a guest conductor of numerous professional ensembles including
the Banda Nacional de Conciertos de San Jose, the Banda Nacional
de Conciertos de Cartago, the Banda Nacional de Conciertos de
Heredia, and the the Banda Nacional de Conciertos de Alajuela
(Costa Rica); the Banda del Ejercito CFSOL (Tabatinga, Brazil); the
Banda Sinfonica de la Fuerza Aerea del Perú (Lima); the Military
Band of the Peoples’ Liberation Army (Beijing, China); the Municipal
Band of Albacete (Spain), and the United States Army Field Band.
He has also appeared as conductor with the Hong Kong Neo Winds
Orchestra and La Banda de la Unión Musical Utielana (Valencia,
Spain).  He is Consultor Artístico with the Dirección General de
Bandas of Costa Rica,  and he is the Artistic Advisor of the Hong
Kong Wind Ensemble.

Dr. Verrier is an active member of the College Band Directors
National Association; he is the organization’s National Executive
Secretary and a member of the organization’s Executive Board.
With Karel Husa rehearsing Music for Prague 1968
At the Blair School of Music, a rotating menu of projects provides
students with a range of wind and orchestral ensemble
experiences within each semester, all under one "instrumental
ensemble" course, which is team- taught and has a single
syllabus and set of grading criteria.

The true core of the Blair instrumental ensemble experience is
the chamber music program. All students participate in chamber
groups, which rehearse regularly in the hour preceding the
conducted ensembles. This approach reflects our philosophy that
great ensemble musicianship is inherently collaborative.
Verrier conducts the Hong Kong Wind
Ensemble with soloists Chris Moyse and
Ben Pelletier
Verrier Photo Album...
Banda Sinfonica de la Fuerza
Aerea del Perú in Lima
Leticia, Amazonas, Colombia
with Fergus McWilliam.
Banda Nacional de
Conciertos de San Jose,
in Costa Rica
Fabián Di Mattía
Banda de la
Asociación Peruana de
Directores de Bandas
Sinfónicas y Ensambles
Banda del Ejercito, Comando de
Fronteira Solimões, Brazil
Erin Charles Perez, Associate Conductor of the Vanderbilt Wind
Symphony, has been a member of the music teacher education faculty at the Blair
School since 2011. A graduate of the program, Dr. Perez received a Bachelor of
Music degree from the Blair School of Music in 2006 and a Master of Education
from Peabody College of Education in 2007. In 2014, she completed her Doctoral
degree at Peabody College in Education Policy.  Formally the Director of Bands at
Forest Meadow Junior High School in Richardson, Texas, Dr. Perez taught
beginner and intermediate woodwinds, brass, and percussion in addition to
conducting both the Concert Band and Symphonic Bands. During her four-year
tenure, the ensembles of FMJH received recognition for their consistently high
levels of performance at state and regional festivals. Active as conductor, she has
participated in conducting workshops at Arizona State University, Indiana State
University, and the University of Oregon, conducted the Dallas Wind Symphony for
the RISD Directors Choice in 2010, and was a 2013 and 2016 recipient of the
Myron Moss Conducting Fellowship by the College Band Directors National
with Carlos Guzmann
with Bela Fleck
Thomas E. Verrier is Senior Band Conductor and Director of
Wind Ensembles at Vanderbilt University’s Blair School of Music. He serves
as Conductor of the Vanderbilt Wind Symphony, Artistic Director of the
Vanderbilt Music Acadèmie in Aix-en-Provence, France, and Founding
Director of the Conductors Lab (a joint project with musicians of the Berlin
Philharmonic).  His teaching duties include undergraduate and graduate-
level courses in conducting, pedagogy, and education. In addition, Dr.
Verrier has served as the Program Director of the Sistema Nacional de
Educación Musical Instituto de Desarrollo Musical, a collaborative project of
the Blair School of Music and the Ministry of Culture of Costa Rica.  Over
the past decade, Verrier’s passion for collaborative arts prompted him to
study acting techniques with director John Strasberg in New York.

Verrier is an active conductor and clinician recognized both for his artistic
approach and his pedagogical knowledge. He has received critical acclaim
from composers including Chen Qian, Chen Yi, Richard Danielpour, Michael
Daugherty, Claudio Gabriele, John Harbison, Karel Husa, Steven Mackey,
David Maslanka, Leanna Primiani, Luis Serrano-Alarcon, Joseph
Schwantner, Frank Ticheli, Michael Torke, Joan Tower, Joseph Turrin,
Andres Valero-Castells, and Simon Yau for his interpretive conducting of
their works.  In addition to numerous collaborations with faculty colleagues,
Verrier has conducted performances with soloists including Béla Fleck,
Adam Frey, Helen Goode, Joseph Gramley, Hsin Hsiao-hung, Kunihiko
Komori, Steven Mackey, Fergus McWilliam, Walter Seyfarth, Kenneth Tse,
and Allen Vizutti.